I never thought about Deepak Chopra.  I always assumed that a New Age spiritual teacher with a world-wide marketing strategy, engaged in promotional synergy with Oprah and offering instructional spiritual CDs on an installment plan, would not have much to say that was serious, about following a spiritual path or living a spiritual life. 

Also, Deepak Chopra wears rhinestone -studded glasses. Or are they diamonds? Whichever. The glasses are no doubt intended to convey the air of material prosperity that is necessary to market New Age spirituality.

I still don’t know much about Deepak Chopra!  So anything I say about him is based entirely on my impression of him as a public figure. 

I did not choose to form an impression of Deepak Chopra.  Having an impression of Deepak Chopra has been forced upon me.  You see and hear and read things about Deepak Chopra all the time, at the supermarket checkout line if nowhere else, even if you have no interest in him.  He works hard to make himself well-known and to make a big impression on people. 

My impression of Deepak Chopra is that he is a huckster in diamond-studded glasses. 
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