never mind about us

But Consider This Cow Vertebra

We live in a world created by a sublime Wisdom.

I have on my shelf a cow vertebra that I found in a compost pile 43 years ago.  Here it is.

What can you say about this beautiful, amazing object?  It’s Cosmic. It exudes Wisdom beyond our comprehension.

Contemplating this cow vertebra,  quietly with a focused, open mind — meditating on this cow vertebra — anyone with a living imagination, anyone not hopelessly mired in dead, materialistic thought, has the ability to feel that in this humble cow vertebra is expressed a living, creative Wisdom. 

Cultivate these delicate feelings. Feed them with meditation and contemplation.  A cow vertebra could be the focus of a meditative practice for a month, or a year.  Enough time to let the cosmic consciousness behind the object, become living thought and feeling within you.  This is how we begin to directly experience  the spiritual world.  This is how we pierce the veil.  With patience and endurance, you allow the cosmic consciousness behind the object, to become living thought and feeling within you.